Although most buyers use the internet when searching for a home, there is nothing quite like working with an experienced realtor to help find a home that is the perfect fit. Lynley was born and raised in Miami and knows communities like Pinecrest, South Miami, Palmetto Bay, Coconut Grove and Coral Gables so well that she can direct you to the right investment in the right part of town, and even help you to find pocket listings for homes that haven’t even hit the market yet!

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Realtor When You’re Buying a House:

  1. Buyers pay no real estate commissions! All commissions on purchases are paid by the seller, so the buyer is off the hook. If it costs nothing to use a realtor, why not have someone on your team who can help you every step of the way?

  2. This is our full time job. I know many people who bought without a realtor because they thought “how hard can it be?” Let me tell you - it isn’t easy! And considering most people only buy a house every 7-10 years, you probably don’t have a whole lot of experience. But I do this multiple times A MONTH. There’s such a high learning curve! Trust us - we know what we are doing and we can help you navigate the process.

  3. We know about off market listings! In a hot market, sometimes houses sell within DAYS of hitting the market. Why not find a house to buy BEFORE it hits the market? Well, that’s going to be hard for you to do if you have no “in” on what houses are about to hit the market. A good realtor usually has a handful of off market homes, also known as “pocket listings” that they know about.

  4. We can type up a purchase contract with our eyes closed. Like I said in #2, an experienced agent writes dozens of purchase contracts a year, whereas the typical buyer has probably only ever seen a handful in their lifetime. We know the real estate contract backwards and forwards. Would you really type up an offer contract yourself, if you’ve never written one before? This is likely the biggest purchase of your life. Don’t throw away your life savings over a mistake on a contract!

  5. We take all of the emotion out of the equation. Even the smartest of buyers gets highly emotional in a real estate purchase. It’s aggravating, negotiating can be tough, every’s emotions are on high considering how much money is changing hands! So it’s no wonder that buyers and sellers get highly emotional at some point during every transaction. If buyers and sellers were working directly with each other, most deals wouldn’t close. Realtors can remove the emotion from it and keep what’s important top of mind without letting the minutia get the best of the deal.